21 Ways to Make High Heels More Comfortable

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Updated on June 23, 2016.

We’ve all been through it -those nights where our shoes go from high heels to heel no! As much as we love our stilettos, we don’t love how they leave us limping, blistered, and sore by 10pm. There’s gotta be a better way, right? Short of busting out a pair of flats midway through the night (and pretty much ruining our ensembles), here are several nifty ways to make your heels more comfortable -so you can dance the night away (or at least attempt to do so a little more comfortably).

1. Moleskin

Dr. Scholl’s Moleskin Plus

Not a lot of people have heard of moleskin, but it’s one of the best kept secrets for preventing blisters. The super soft adhesive cotton “skin” can be cut and applied to blister-prone spots as well as used to line any part of your shoe. This is one of our favorite blister busters!

2. Toe Taping

Nexcare Clear Medical Tape

This sounds a little weird, but there is nerve that splits between your 3rd and 4th toe which causes pain in the balls of your feet. By taping the 3rd and 4th toes together with surgical tape, less strain is put on the nerve which helps alleviate pain.

3. Friction Preventing Stick
Dr. Scholls Stick For Blisters

 Dr. Scholl’s For Her Miracle Shield Rub Relief Stick

Use Dr. Scholl’s rub relief stick. It coats your feet in a waxy, clear finish that acts as a protective layer against friction.

4. Arch Supporters/Full Insoles

Dr. Scholls Tri-Comfort Orthopedic Inserts

To maximize the comfort of your shoes, find a full insole with arch support. Full insoles help distribute pressure evenly making your heels much more bearable. The downside is that full insoles often make shoes a bit tighter and can cause more discomfort, so make sure to test them out before leaving the house. We like these Dr. Scholls Tri-comfort inserts because they’re specifically made in a 3/4 length to prevent overcrowding and they address 3 factors of relief: 1. The 3/4 length design allows toes to move freely and fits easily in shoe. 2. Unique FlexiSpring™ arch provides customized support. 2. Cushions the ball-of-foot and heel to reduce impact and fatigue.

5. Ball/Toe Inserts

Woly Little Kitten Soft Metatarsal Forefoot Shoe Pads

The ball of your foot is the part which suffers the most when wearing heels, so using ball/toe inserts is essential to staying comfortable. Try Woly’s Little Kitten shoe pads -they’re specifically engineered in Germany for relieving high heel pain. Unlike full insoles, ball/toe inserts won’t make your shoes tighter. You should use these every time you wear heels! They’re inexpensive, effective, and make a world of difference.

6. Square, Open, or Round Toe Shoes



Marc Fisher Open Toe “Linds” Slingbacks

Heels with a square, open, or round toe are going to be much more comfortable than a narrow, pointy toed heel. Pointy toed heels smash toes together and compact the ball of the foot making it much more likely that you’ll experience discomfort quicker. This is especially true if your feet are on the wider side. If you know you’ll be standing a lot, opt for a square, round, or open toe shoe.

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