Infographic: 12 Essential Oils For Your Skin

As most of you know, we’re big fans of essential oils. They have such a wide variety of uses from helping you sleep better to clearing your sinuses and even cooking. Essential oils are also excellent for treating a variety of skin issues and can be applied directly to your complexion.

However, not all essential oils are created equal. While some are fine for using in diffusers and non-skin related uses, if applying to your skin, you need to make sure the oil is in its pure form. Additives and chemicals can irritate your complexion, so we recommend only using pure oils which are meant to be applied to the skin.

Having said that, here is an excellent guide from  that breaks down essential oils and their skin benefits. essentialoils

Mandy Ellis is a certified nutritionist, journalist, traveler, and endless adventurer. Her work has appeared on Yahoo, AOL, Fox, and many others. When she’s not wanderlusting, she’s usually spending time with her French bull dog or hitting the yoga mat.

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