Our Top Picks From Oprah’s Favorite Things For Holiday 2016

It’s that time of the year again! When the Queen  Bee of media, Oprah Winfrey, curates her favorite products and gifts for the holidays. When you’re worth nearly 3 billion dollars great taste practically comes with the territory, so we’re always interested in what Oprah is recommending. Year after year we’re never disappointed with her perfect curation skills  -the lady knows her stuff! So, get your wish lists and gift lists ready; here are a few of our favorite picks from Oprah’s favorite things for this holiday season.

PurseN Travel Pillow Organizer


Never lose your cell phone or passport again mid-flight. This handy memory foam travel pillow stores your items so you can zip up your belongings and snooze away without worry.

BUTTER LONDON nail lacquer collection


Ladies, it’s a 22 piece set of Butter London nail lacquers in a lazy Susan! Yes, a lazy Susan. All our nail polish dreams are coming true. Give your favorite beauty maven this collection fit for a professional salon.


Anti-Stress: Meditation Through Coloring and Bright Ideas Neon Colored Pencils

Did you know that coloring is proven to reduce stress and anxiety? It actually qualifies as a meditative activity, which explains why it works so well to calm restless children. Help your loved ones relieve a little stress this holiday season with these fun coloring books!

The Urban Agriculture Organic Grow Kit

Who doesn’t love to grow their own fresh, organic herbs? These handy grow kits make getting fresh ingredients in your own kitchen easy and simple.


Lands Downunder Italian Herringbone Throw

Throw blankets always make great gifts -everyone can use a soft, cozy blanket! These Lands Downunder Italian Herringbone throws are so soft you won’t believe they’re not cashmere. They also come in an array of gorgeous colors that are sure to match your bff’s decor.

Drop Bottle

Let’s face it, plain water can be a little boring to drink, but with Drop Bottle, infusing water has never been more easy or chic. Simply pop in your favorite fruits and add water for refreshing beverage that is anything but boring.

Barefoot Dreams Bamboo Chic Lite Circle Cardi & Lounge Pants

Barefoot Dreams takes lounge wear to a new level with these super cozy, super soft bamboo separates. Time to give those tattered black yoga pants a chic upgrade!

My Audio Pet Mini Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

It’s a serious cute emergency, folks. These adorable little bluetooth speakers feature your favorite furry creatures including a panda, squirrel, cat, and a PUG. Yes, a PUG. Try finding a cuter speaker. Bet ya can’t!

Want more gift ideas?

You can shop all of Oprah’s Favorite Things here.

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