This Accessory Will Increase Productivity AND Save You Money

Tracking PixelAs you kick off 2017, you may be thinking of ways to get in shape, eat healthier, and of course, be more productive and successful. When we think of productivity “hacks” it often involves mental exercises, staying off social media, and creating lists and goals. But what about having the right equipment to help maximize your productivity? Never underestimate the power of having the right tools to help you get the job done.

This post was sponsored by Brydge. All opinions are our own.

Incredibly Compact: The Brydge iPad mini keyboard is about the length and depth of a pen.

Incredibly Compact: The Brydge iPad mini keyboard is about the height and depth of a pen.

If you use an iPad, one must-have accessory is an attachable keyboard. While touch pads are fine for browsing the web and watching movies, they are not conducive to actually typing or getting work done. We love how  easy and convenient it is to use a Brydge keyboard. It’s sleek, lightweight, and fits perfectly into our busy work and travel schedule. Simply snap it on and you have now turned your iPad into a bonafide work computer. How cool is that?! So, instead of lugging around and buying both an iPad and laptop, you can simply add a keyboard to your iPad and save money and space.

Brydge makes award-winning, sleek, premium keyboards for each model and color of iPad. This means you can turn your iPad into a Macbook for a fraction of the cost. Starting around $100, Brydge keyboards feature  Bluetooth technology, a patented hinge for a 180 degree angle, backlit keys, and a three-month rechargeable battery.

So, why spend $1000+ on a Macbook and have to tote around an extra piece of equipment? Low-profile and easy to attach and travel with, Brydge keyboards help you become more mobile and productive anytime, anywhere.

Want to learn more? Head over to the official Brydge website to shop all their affordable, convenient keyboards.

Here’s to a more successful, productive new year!

Shop Brydge keyboards

Shop Brydge keyboards



This post was sponsored by Brydge. All opinions are our own.

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