Edible Choo: Is This One of the Yummiest ‘Shoedie’ Photos Ever? We Think So

Photo Credit: Bergdorf Goodman via Instagram [Hat tip to @Shirley101s for the find!]

Leave it to Bergdorf’s to photograph these delectable Jimmy Choo’s in a way that literally makes us want to reach into the picture and eat them. Is there such a thing as a shoe “foodie,” a shoedie? A Choodie? Ok we’re coining the phrases “shoedies” and “Choodies.” You heard it here first! But seriously we’re more than  happy to skip sushi for a month -or three- in place of a pair on Jimmy Choo’s. Hey, that’s just us! (Well, maybe you too if you’re reading this, right?)

Anyway, these squeal-worthy beauties are from the Jimmy Choo resort 2014 collection and we’re pretty sure that crystal-embellished silver ‘Tia’ pump is going to be the new “it” shoe -especially for brides. Looks like our beloved Manolo “swan” shoes have some stiff competition.

Either way, we’re pretty obsessed with the entire Choo resort 2014 collection. Need, need, need!

(Hey, guys have sports, we have shoes and handbags. We can obsess.)

Of course this article wouldn’t be complete without a Jimmy Choo holiday gift guide, so without further ado, here are our holiday picks for Jimmy Choo. (Feel free to forward to your boyfriend/husband numerous times. He’ll get the hint.)

Drool on:

‘Tia’ Pump

‘Besso’ Sandal

‘Capri’ Glitter Pump

‘Fico’ Sandal

 ‘Trina’ Pump

‘Typhoon’ Pump

‘Abel’ Pumps

‘Bronx’ Sandal

‘Charlize’ Clutch

‘Cloud’ Box Clutch

‘Caro’ Crossbody bag

Saks Fifth Avenue

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